Meeting minutes Dec 2017

Membership meeting OMARC Saturday, December 09, 2017 8:53 AM Meeting minutes President Al Baxter opened meeting @ 09:04am Pledge , moment of silence Member hello Al welcomed all to last meeting of 2017 Minutes from last meeting via email- no longer reading them at meeting- Motion to accept as sent- Motion accepted Annand . Matt Motion accepted Board will award most interesting red outfit (for holidays) with bottle of hooch We recvd signed by memo of understanding from fire company Motion Art – Ian motion to accept memo of understanding Matt wants to be sure of what we are getting Table motion until members can read and review signed MOU- Al passed around the MOU for all to review. Al checked on container cost $2360 and more than 8ft high- Al found shed on Home Depot 10x12x7 all metal for $599- Motion to purchase Denis and Phil motion and 2nd- membership approved purchase shed from Home depot Casey has approved temporary storage in basement garage. Sal -treasurer report $4809.52 – Motion payment to Matt & Phil accepted 2 new members Mike accepted – brings us to 51 members with 15 member Scott T web report – WordPress update – going to separate out the minutes reports. Phil F- repeater – Nov 18th new preamp installed on N2MO repeater The Yeasu repeater is discontinued by Yeasu but still on support. Phil is working on WiresX and we should hear activity on repeater on next few weeks. Matt radio room – 2 G5RV outside – 1 active radio position – room is operational Dennis made 1st CW contact- We discussed adding wireless doorbell at basement roll up door – Matt $40 – Art – Phil F motion accepted. Dennis recvd thank you from St Andrews church for blue chairs Al discussed naming radio room after Bob Withum – Ian- Annand – motion carried Phil – tried to do net last Thursday but no takers –
Al brought back membership approve mou almost all approved – Dennis and Al signed for OMARC and returned signed copy to Fire House / Casey 50/50 Phil festa won the 50/50 $16 Motion meeting adjured at 9:50am Ian won the red contest


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