August minutes

OMARC Minutes from Meeting on Saturday August 12, 2017

1)    50-50 person was Ian L.

2)    Sign In Sheet was passed around

3)    Call to Order by Alan Baxter at 9 AM

4)    Members Present  _17_______

5)    Board Members Present _6_(Scott T out )

6)    Pledge of Allegiance

7)    Moment of Silence for our dear friend Bob Witham

8)    Self-Introductions Around the room:   name, call sign, town

9)    Minutes of Last Meeting paraphrased by President Al Baxter

10)    Treasurers Report by Sal –

11)      Opening Balance $3,359.29 Disbursements were $ 493.37, income 0, plus Savings Balance of $0.36 = Ending Balance of $ 2,866.28

12)    Membership Report by Sal – OMARC membership up to___ 46__

13)    Repeater Committee Report by Phil F – repeater is working well

14)    Joe K stated that on Tuesday Aug 15 at 6 PM we will meet at Art’s garage to pick 5 items to offer for sale on EBAY and determine disposition of excess wire and cable. Photos and equipment descriptions will be taken

15)   Lighthouse Weekend is on Aug 19 & 20, 2017, next week. We need member participation. We will load equipment Friday evening at the firehouse at 5 PM. We will meet at Sandy Hook Lighthouse at 7 AM Saturday morning.

16) Bob Bedard asked about the location of plaques for Larry Shields & Larry Wilkins – Joe K has them.

17) Denis will borrow a pop up from Jeff Harshman for Lighthouse weekend

18) Setup at Lighthouse will be same as prior year – Joe K spoke to the Event Coordinator at Sandy Hook

19) OMARC will fully support JOTA at Qual Hill Scout Camp in Manalapan in October

20) Ken Brockel will be going to Kentucky to view the eclipse. He will give the club a report when he returns. Members were warned not to buy cheap viewing filters

21) Casey Willms said that he will be clearing the space for our radio room next week.

22) Bob Witham’s family will be donating all his radio equipment to OMARC.

23) A WIFI for OMARC is being established by the firehouse

24) Casey sent a draft of the Memorandum of Understanding between the firehouse and OMARC. No one recalled getting it. Casey will verify his mailing and resend it to Joe and Al

25) The Coast Star published an article about OMARC’s assisting the firehouse at the July pancake breakfast.

26) The Parity Act was discussed. Members were encouraged to support it. Some members claimed that the final wording is not good enough. Jerry, Matt and Jim Demos: they will send article re the problems with it.

27) Phil gave us a report on the Radio Night that we had at Dorbrook Park, doing satellite QSOs

28) Rich Krohn will be coming on Wednesday Sept 13 to give us a briefing on ARES

29) Matt C gave a demo on the Fusion repeater near the end of the meeting

30) Pete Holmes has a VHS supply and may be able to get one for Sharon Rosen

31) Joe K & Al will be reserving rooms for the 2018 Hamvention in Xenia Ohio. 10 members are interested and want rooms reserved: Art, Denis, Joe, John D, Anand, Al, Jim Demos?, Ken, Ian and Phil. Prices double if you wait until January to book

32) Announcing Ian’s Fusion Net on Thursday evenings. 7:30 to 8 for analog and 8 to 8:30 for digital

33) Ken won the 50-50 $17.

34) Jim Demos needs the password for the firehouse Internet when it is published

35) Send Art the photo of Bob Witham at the Summerfest event

36) Casey is on vacation for 2 weeks starting this week

37) The Lighthouse permit was signed and sent in

38) Note – The firehouse needs help at the Pancake Breakfast Sunday morning. Need volunteers to help set up tables, chairs, etc. at 7 AM.

39) Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Joe K.




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