Radio night report

By  Joe Kruszewski  KC2SVS
We had our second radio night at the firehouse last night at 6 PM. Nine members
 attended: Denis, Joe K., Anand, Matt, Bob B., Bob W., Rich, Ian and Casey.
• Ian brought his Kenwood 930 and had a few contacts, two of which hit Italy and Germany.
• Anand brought a used tent that he picked up in preparation for Lighthouse weekend. We all assisted him in figuring out how to set it up. We are designating Ian as our official club tent putter-upper.
• Casey is having a bulldozer come to level and grade the ground under the pavilion. He asked us to move everything out from under the pavilion which was mainly our antenna parts, generator and some tables. We completed that task in short order. The area will be covered with crushed concrete and steam rolled to give all of us a better floor for all of our activities there.
• Bob W. mentioned that the Manasquan Coast Guard Auxiliary station was having an electrical problem. Then…quick as a wink, Matt jumped into action (as he usually does). He and Bob took off for the Coast Guard station and after a little while returned with a diagnosis to fix and repair the facility. Great job Matt!
• A final project was to unpack and store all of the equipment that we used for Sunday’s Summerfest event with the Ashley Lauren Foundation.
• We had a busy radio night. Thanks guys, it was fun.
Joe K.
For the Bull Sheet Staff


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