OMARC supports Summer Fest 2017

By   Joe Kruszewski,  KC2SVS

Wall NJ –  On Sunday, July 23, 2017, the Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club (OMARC) from Spring Lake Heights NJ, assisted the Ashley Lauren Foundation in their Annual Summefest 2017 event. Summerfest is an annual day-long event where various volunteer groups join with the Ashley Lauren Foundation from Spring Lake NJ, to help kids with cancer and their families by having a day of fun filled activities at the Oak Tree Lodge in Wall NJ. Forty six families and 120 children attended the day’s event. The day was full of: music, games, food, crafts and smiles from all the children and their families. Ten members from the Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club set up radios and Morse Code gear, demonstrated Morse Code and had kids work a real Morse Code key. The kids used the Morse Code keys to transmit their names and the names of members of their families to a club member. The kids were rewarded with a Certificate of Achievement and members of OMARC were awarded with their smiles and laughs. Amateur Radios were also available for the kids to view and to try real international voice contacts. Club members at various locations were on call to give the kids a real taste of ham radio. It was a great day out for the kids, their families and for all the folks who assisted.
The Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club, (OMARC), FCC license call sign “N2MO”, meets at the Spring Lake Heights Volunteer Fire Company No 1 at 700 Sixth Avenue in Spring Lake Heights NJ on the second Saturday of the month at 9 AM. Visitors are always welcome. You can contact OMARC on their website:   or by contacting the club Secretary, Joe Kruszewski, at    

Additional Details:
OMARC members who assisted were: Joe K., Denis O., Rich F., Art G., Ian L., Bob B., Bob W., Patti W., Pete H., Ken B., Don G. for manning his radio all day and Scott for all the art work. – THANKS GUYS/GAL!  You are all super people!  
Equipment Used: Ken B with his trusty fishing pole set up a G5RV between two local trees, Denis set up a club ICOM 718 HF rig, Rich F. set up his new Yaesu FT 991 and gave it it’s first QSOs, Denis set up various Morse Code keys and his emergency lifeboat radio for display. Scott T. did a lot of preparatory artwork before the event by making some nice posters of the Morse Code Chart and the Phonetic Alphabet. Pate H. was busy setting up cloths lines for posters, maps, club photos and the club banner. The other folks set up other equipment and assisted with the kids, handling the code keys and radios. Denis made some nice award certificates and smaller Morse Code charts. Joe K. assisted with the literature table, admin matters and misc. other tasks. Denis explained the Morse Code alphabet, how the keys work and assisted the kids in sending their names with the straight and sometimes with the Iambic keys. When the kids keyed their names, Denis responded to them by what he heard and told them their name that they sent. When the kids heard their names and knew that they sent it correctly, their faces lit up like lightbulbs with a super smile. Simple & fun!
Thinking about those kids and what they and their families are going through is heartbreaking, but I’m glad that the club rallied to give them some time out to have fun with our favorite pastime. You are a great bunch of folks! Thanks!
Joe K.
For the Bull Sheet Staff


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